SOHR: mercenaries, regime, Russia's massacres leave 70 civilian victims

The number of victims of massacres that Turkey's mercenary groups, regime forces and Russia committed in the mutual bombardment on Monday rose to 70 in the biggest massacre since the escalation began on April 30.

In the largest massacre since the beginning of the violent escalation at the end of last April in the area called "De-escalation," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) documented the killing of 70 people as a result of air and ground bombing carried out by the regime's planes and Russia on the mercenaries' areas and the bombing of mercenary groups supported by the Turkish occupation on Aleppo.

57 killed in regime's bombing, 13 by Turkish mercenaries

47 people, including four children and four unidentified civilians, were killed during the bombing of the warplanes of the town of Sarqeb in the eastern countryside of Idlib and two children by aerial bombardment of the warplanes targeting the village of Lutman in the northern outskirts of Hama.

A man and a citizen were killed by an explosive barrels targeting the town of Kafroma, south of Idlib, and a citizen as a result of air raids by Russian planes targeting the city of Kernabal in the southern countryside of Idlib.

A man, his wife and their child were also killed when a shell exploded from the remnants of a previous ground shelling of the regime forces in their house in the village of Al-Kastan in the western Jisr al-Shughour village and a rocket attack by the regime forces on the village of Badama al-Soghra west of Idlib governorate, as well as another citizen in the regime's rocket shelling on Kafr Da'el in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The Turkish mercenaries killed seven people by firing rockets at the neighborhoods of Jamiliya and Hamdaniyah in the suburbs of Aleppo under the control of the regime. Six citizens, including 4 members of a family, including a man and two of his children, were killed in mercenaries' massacre targeting the regime-held village of Naoura Shatah with missiles in the northwestern countryside of Hama.

180 wounded, some critically

Mutual shelling also injured 180 people, some of them in serious conditions, causing casualties to rise, as well as the missing and trapped under the rubble.


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