Sit-inners in human shields activities affirm their resistance against Turkish threats

A number of the participants in the tent of human shields have stressed that they will not accept of the Turkish occupation to occupy more territories of north and east of Syria, confirming they will resist till the last breath.

With the continuation of the Turkish threats for launching attacks on north and east of Syria and occupy it, where Serêkaniyê area's people belonging to al-Hasakah canton have erected human shield tent for denouncing of the Turkish occupation threats on the border strip.

The residents who participated in the tent today spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA), expressing their rejection of the Turkish occupation.

The citizen Raja Nawaf Muhammad said, "I joined the sit-in tent after Turkish threats to occupy the north and east areas of Syria, as a woman, I believe it is my duty to be here in this tent. We women will not accept any occupation on our land, and the sacrifices of our martyrs will not be wasted and we will follow the line that we have started since the beginning of the revolution.

Raja stressed that Turkey, through its threats, is trying to revive ISIS mercenaries. "If we stand with one hand, Turkey will not be able to occupy our regions," she said. Today it requires us to protect these sacred soil, which were sacrificed by the sacrifices of the martyrs and liberated by the heroes of (YPG, YPJ).

The citizen Hamid Sheikmus denounced the Turkish threats against the northeastern areas of Syria at the beginning of his speech. "The Turkish state has killed thousands of Kurds, Syrians and Turkmen in history," he said.   Today, we have come to this sit-in tent to stand in front of these aggressive attacks aimed at annihilating the people of northeastern Syria as a whole and not just the Kurds as they claim.

Sheikhmus touched upon on the violations against civilians and said that what is happening in Afrin is ethnic cleansing and that it is the biggest proof that the Turkish state targets all components.



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