Sheikhs: Ocalan's message asserts peoples' fraternity 

The sheikhs of al-Raqqa clans asserted that the message of Ocalan is valuable message calling all the honourable people to unit the ranks and stand against the schemes and the agendas of the countries that aim to to break the struggle of the people in Syria.

The leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, sent a message after his family and lawyers visited him about northeastern Syria "The people of northern Syria must fight more for their freedom, but the whole Syrian people must join this struggle. This struggle to protect Syrian unity, Syrian people must live a common life, and if they can apply this model, no force will be able to undermine them. "

In this regard, the elders of al-Raqqa clans spoke to our agency (ANHA) and emphasized that the message of Ocalan is valuable and called on honorable people to unite the ranks in order to confront the countries that are trying to break the Syrian struggle.

"In Ocalan's message, there was a great meaning in calling peace advocates, we are not advocates of wars, justice and equality must be achieved among all peoples," said Sheikh Turki al-Suwaan, the elder of al-Sabkha clan.

"By directing his message, he wanted to emphasize that we can achieve peace and achieve the rights of all the components of the people by peaceful means, whether in negotiations or otherwise," he said.

Sheikh Talal al-Sibat also spoke about the message of Ocalan saying "This message indicates that the greatness of this person's thinking is proof that the most important way to live freely and with dignity is to achieve brotherhood and coexistence."

Al-Sibat said that the honorable and the components of Syria must unite "to stand against what the occupying states are planning to do, in order to prevent breaking the march of the popular struggle in Syria."

Al-Sibat said at the end of his speech that SDF "fought terrorism from Kobanî to al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor and defeated the most powerful terrorist organization, and we are grateful to these forces that follow the democratic nation's project."



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