Sheikh of al- Fadan clan: We are with Ocalan thought, reject Turkish intervention in Syria

Sheikh of al- Fadan clan which is considered one of the largest Arab clans in GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed which is part of Anza clan, the largest clan of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Fawaz Obaid Saleh al-Qabyan has stressed that they are with thought of Abdullah Ocalan's leader and reject Turkish intervention in Syrian lands.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with Sheikh of al- Fadan clan in al-Zayadi town belonging to Suluk district in GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed canton said that" We are with the leader of the peoples, Abdullah Ocalan, who seeks to achieve peace in the region and achieve justice.

Abdullah Ocalan leader he says the truth

Saeih praised Ocalan's thought saying" leader Abdullah Ocalan is a rightful and just leader who demands the freedom of all oppressed peoples. He does not discrimination between Kurds or Arabs, but there are those who haters his thought and reject justice and freedom, so they had arrested him and threw him in prison and imposed isolation on him.

In a letter he sent through his lawyer on August 7, the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan stressed his readiness to resolve the crises in the Middle East, in this regard, Saleh said: "We support the leader Ocalan with our heart and our soul and everyone who loves this country embrace the thought of leader Abdullah Ocalan."

We and the Kurdish people, there is no distinction between us,

On the depth of the relationship between the Kurdish and Arab peoples, Sheikh said, "If we open the pages of history we will see that we and the Kurdish people there is no distinction between us our sorrows were sorrows and joys were their joys.

The Turkish state is terrorism itself,

"The Turkish state is terrorism itself and all those who support it," he said. The peoples of this region, whether they are Armenians, Arabs, Turkmen, Kurds or Bedouins, they are one people, there is no distinction between us, those who sow discord those who have an interest in the complexity of the Syrian crisis, whether Turkey and its mercenaries or the regime and the dominant forces in the region. "

We will face everyone who defiles our land,

The sheikh of al-Fadan tribe stressed the readiness of the people of the region, including the tribes, to face Turkish threats to occupy northeastern Syria. This land for all who live on all the Arab tribes living here and the components that live on this land and defend it is the owners of the land, Turkey has no right to enter and occupy our land, and we will face everyone who defiles our land.

Our region where love prevails, peace and co-existence,

Saleh praised the system of Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA "our region is full of love, peace, coexistence and brotherhood of peoples every component living religion, nationality and beliefs, and leader Abdullah Ocalan leader just and sincere."

We support leader Abdullah Ocalan 's thought, even if he is in prison,

Sheikh of al-Fadan clan affirmed that they, like the people of this region and the notables' clans of this region, support "the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, even if he is in prison.



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