Sheikh Hassen: World must provide help for AA to establish IC

 Esmat Sheikh Hassen said, "As the world has set a world day of solidarity with Kobani, it must help the Autonomous Administration (AA) in establishing an international tribunal to try Daesh mercenaries."

Our agency, ANHA, conducted an interview with the co-chair of the Defense Body in the Euphrates region Esmat Sheikh Hassen, who noted that Daesh was defeated in Kobani in 2015, and last March 23, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced Daesh defeat after the liberation of al-Baguz village. In this context, Sheikh Hassen said that an international tribunal must be set up to prosecute Daesh mercenaries in accordance with the international laws.

Sheikh Hassen said that Daesh was defeated militarily, "but its mentality is still penetrating into the occupied areas, and there are sleeper cells of Daesh in all areas."

"Daesh mercenaries must be prosecuted in the place where thousands of our people martyred, in Kobani. We have to hold them accountable here, so an international court must be established in Kobani city," Sheikh Hassen said.

Daesh mercenaries reach European countries through Turkey

Sheikh Hassen stressed that Daesh mercenaries who arrive in European countries to carry out bombings and targeting operations "pass through Turkey to there. They cross from Jarablus to Turkey and then to the European countries, which shows how Erdogan supports Daesh mercenaries. Today, he wants to spread Daesh mercenaries in the European countries."

Sheikh Hassen intensified that "an international tribunal must be established as soon as possible, and the world must help the AA to establish a court in the place where the end of Daesh started."

At the end of his speech, Esmat Sheikh Hassen said, "When Daesh organization infiltrated into Kobani, most of the world countries rose up against it. Just as the world set a world day of solidarity with Kobani, it must help the AA to establish an international court."


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