The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Shahoz Hassan expressed his desire to hold a Syrian-Syrian national dialogue to reduce the Syrian crisis under international auspices.

Hassan spoke in a speech at the party's conference in the city of Kobani on the second day, in conjunction with the Turkish threats to invade areas of north and east Syria militarily, and the mobilization of thousands of mercenaries on the border between Syria and Turkey.

Shahoz Hassan said that they seek to communicate with the conflicting forces on the Syrian arena on a wide scale in order to participate in building a Syrian-Syrian dialogue and ending the conflict in the country.

Adding: "Some parties say about the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria as a separatist, how to force Syria includes all the people and all components to separate from the other part, they have to review their accounts and statements, we call for the unity of Syrian territory, and on this basis we negotiate with the Syrian regime in Damascus and Russia and other countries to support this negotiation."

"We are fully ready to do anything for the unity of the Kurdish row, but we need these parties to accept ideas of this people before it is too late, but the question remains here is whether the Kurdish people will forgive those Kurdish figures who put their hand in the hands of the Turkish government and killed its people, as happened in Afrin

He also expressed the hope that Kurdish political parties’ statements would be manifested on the ground and that their statements would not remain within the framework of the non-acceptance of Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria only.

The conference was launched on Friday in the city of Kobani and ended with the election of a board to manage the party's activities in the area of Qanaya district west of Kobani, while the activities of the party in the area of Kobani (the town of Kobani and a number of neighboring villages) are discussed on Saturday as part of the second day of the conference.