Services committee sterilizes streets of Ain Issa

As the Autonomous Administration continues its precautionary measures in all its regions, the Services Committee in the municipality of Ain Issa, in cooperation and coordination with the Health Committee, continues sterilization of the region in order to prevent Coronavirus from speading.

Today, the Services Committee in People’s Municipality started in cooperation and coordination with the Health Committee in Ain Issa, spraying the main streets with water, then sterile materials, and allocated teams to sterilize all shops.

In this regard, the joint head of the services committee, Khadra Aboud, indicated that the sterilization process will include all the main streets, shops and public places.

"This step is a preventive measure to protect against the threat of the Coronavirus, which has spread widely in most countries of the world," she added.

Of note, all regions of northern and eastern Syria are witnessing sterilization and cleaning operations for public places and institutions to ward off the spread of the Coronavirus.


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