SDF arrested terrorist cell of ISIS

The Anti-Terrorist Units of SDF arrested a cell of ISIS who assassinated the co-chair of the Legislative Council of Deir Ez-Zor Civil Council, Merwan al-Fateh.    

The Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) Media Center issued a statement to the public opinion on its official page of the SDF, in which it revealed the outcome of an operation carried out by the Anti-Terrorist Units against a cell of ISIS. 

The media center pointed out that after pursuing the terrorist cell of ISIS in the period between August 3-4 in the area of Abu Khasheb of Deir Ez-Zor Countryside the units managed to arrest the cell which is of 3 members. 

The media center said that this cell has assassinated the co-chair of the Legislative Council, Merwan al-Fateh on December 29 -2018. 

The media center said the troops managed to seize a large amount of the weapons and ammunition and documents of the ISIS's mercenaries.

The media center said that the troops continue their efforts to eliminate the terrorist cells and maintain the security and stability of the region. 


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