Russian road map for negotiation between Autonomous Administration, regime

Media outlets reported that Russia presented a road map of several items, to mediate between the Syrian regime and representatives of northern and eastern Syria.

According to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper: a Russian delegation headed by a military commander held marathon meetings with representatives of northern and eastern Syria, at the end of last year, on negotiations with the Syrian regime.

The newspaper sources reported that the delegation carried a ten-point "road map" to negotiate between the Syrian regime and the Autonomous Administration for northern and eastern Syria, and these items include:

  1. Representatives of northern and eastern Syria participating in the constitutional committee
  2. Representing the Kurdish political movement in the Syrian government
  3. Deploying Syrian border guards along the border from the Semalka crossing to Manbij
  4. Establishing dialogue between Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria and the Syrian government
  5. Forming joint economic and military committees
  6. Issuing official documents for the Kurds
  7. Issuing formal educational certificates for Kurdish schoolchildren
  8. Coordinating to take advantage of energy resources, specifically the Euphrates Dam
  9. Syrian army getting out of schools and educational complexes in the Autonomous Administration areas
  10. Opening the road linking the city of Aleppo with the Iraqi border, through Al-Bukamal

The newspaper sources said: The Russian delegation first traveled to the Syrian capital, and held extensive meetings in December 25 and 26, 2019 with the government, then went to Qamishli on the eve of the 26th of the same month, and met with the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, and a number of personalities and notables.

Discussions focused on three main points: The first of these points: Discussing the fate of seven local administrations, as civil governance structures, that manage an area that makes up about 20% of the country’s area.

Secondly: Respecting the privacy of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" and the local police "Asayiş" and its future role, and the areas of their deployment and participation in wars outside its borders.

The participants also focused on the third and most important point: that Syria before 2011 is not the same as today 2020, and if the regime continues its security approach and adopts a military solution, the entire region is going to endless wars, it will be disastrous on all sides.

According to the newspaper, an expanded meeting was supposed to take place, including the Syrian regime and representatives of the "North and East Syria Administration”, and Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian Christian political parties, in addition to inviting local leaders and leaders to present the "road map" and announce the first letters of the agreement, but the regime requested unhurriedness.

The sources expected that the Russian delegation will return in the coming days, with new proposals, after hearing the views of the various parties.


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