Russian Defense: Al-Nusra mercenaries tried to attack Hmiemim base with 6 rockets

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that the mercenaries of Jebhet al-Nusra " tried to attack the Russian air base of Hmeimim in the Syrian province of Lattakia last Saturday.

The Defense Ministry explained that al-Nusra a loyal to al -Qaeda, launched six missiles at the air base, noting that the missiles were all destroyed.

On Saturday, state television said the air defenses at Hmeimim base had repulsed to the rocket- shells which launched by "terrorist gangs ".

The so-called demilitarized zones have been witnessing heavy shelling since Monday, with fierce clashes in the northern countryside of Hama, accompanied by Russian raids and the bombing of more than 200 rocket-propelled grenades.

The center of Russian reconciliation between the parties to the conflict in Syria, announced on Sunday that the regime forces began since midnight on May 18 cease-fire "unilaterally."



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