Russia forces Turkey to implement Sochi agreement

Russia has put Turkey in the corner by signing the final statement of Astana, which provides for the implementation of the Sochi Agreement between Erdogan and Putin.

On Saturday morning, Arab newspapers focused on the 13th round of Astana and the disputes between the three guarantor countries.

Al-Arab: Russia puts Turkey into the corner by committing itself to the implementation of the Sochi Agreement

Regarding the Syrian issue, Al-Arab newspaper referred to the 13th round of Astana. "The province of Idlib and its surroundings in northwestern Syria witnessed a cautious calm with the cessation of raids since the truce, which was approved by Damascus and welcomed by Moscow, came into effect at midnight on Friday," after three months of escalation."

The ceasefire follows a consensus in the new round of Russian-Turkish-Iranian talks with Iraqi-Jordanian-Lebanese participation in Kazakhstan's capital Nur Sultan (concluded Friday) on the reactivation of the Sochi agreement, signed last September, to establish of De-escalation zone in Idlib and combat terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra.

Russia has already reached agreements to De-escalation in several areas controlled by the "opposition factions" to end those areas back to the control of the "Syrian government", and is not unlikely to repeat the same scenario again, but this time will not "the factions another refuge, will Turkey guide them toward "East Euphrates" to fight "Kurdish" units? or are they transferred to countries that are experiencing conflicts such as Libya?

Observers say that Turkey's commitment to the implementation of the agreement to De-escalation in Idlib, remains subject to the results of talks with the US side on the "buffer zone" in the "east of the Euphrates", where a US delegation will visit Ankara on Monday, to give Washington's response to the Turkish proposals to supervise the area. Which must reach a depth of about 25 km and not to between 5 and 15 km as the United States.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: A Russian-Iranian dispute in Astana about Golan

"The 13th session of the Astana process did not result in a substantial breach of the agenda on the table of the three" guarantors, "amidst a Russian-Iranian dispute over the Golan Heights, Asharq al-Awsat reported.

The differences centered on points, including the implementation of the Sochi agreement, and the removal of extremists from the buffer zone in the northwest; prompted Moscow to persuade Ankara to put pressure on «moderates to fight extremists».

The "guarantors" were unable to announce the formation of the constitutional committee and its working rules, and agreed to transfer it to the Russian-Turkish-Iranian summit next month. There was also a lengthy debate between the Russian and Iranian delegations over the Golan, until general terms were agreed, including "the emphasis on international resolutions."

Al-Bayan: No raids on Idlib and calm after the truce takes effect

"The truce in northern Syria came into effect yesterday and Syrian air strikes stopped, but ground fire from the opposition killed at least one person in a village controlled by the Syrian government near the birthplace of President Bashar al-Assad," al-Bayan said. Meanwhile, Damascus stressed that the success of the ceasefire in Idlib depends on Ankara's commitment to withdraw heavy weapons from the "opposition factions" and the establishment of a demilitarized zone amid the continuation of the Astana talks on the second day.



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