The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement organized a ceremony in Ain Issa district in Girê Spî canton, in which the families of the martyrs were honored in the district and its countryside on the occasion of New Year's Day.

The celebration was attended by dozens of martyrs' families and residents of the district.

The celebration began with a minute of silent, then many words have been delivered, where a member of the Health Committee of the Youth center in the district Nahla Hamo delivered a speech on behalf of the Syrian Revolutionary Movement, and on behalf of the Martyrs' Families Committee, Suzan Aboud delivered a speech, and a word delivered by the co-chair of Ain Issa district council Sawsan Hamidi

The speeches delivered during the ceremony included praise for the martyrs' efforts to liberate the land from ISIS and Turkish state's terror and the blessing of the New Year's Day

The words pointed out that the people of the region lives in security and safety thanks to the martyrs' sacrifices, stressing to walk on the martyrs' path.

And then the gifts were distributed to the families of the martyrs