“Resistance of the people thwarted the international conspiracy”

Residents of the city of al-Hasakah said that the resistance of the people, which derived power from the ideas of Ocalan, thwarted the international conspiracy that targeted him.


Coinciding with the anniversary of the international conspiracy that targeted the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, thousands of people demonstrated in the city of Hasakah, where the people said during the demonstration, "The goals of the Turkish state will not be achieved in keeping us away from the ideas of Ocalan."

The demonstration was launched from Safia town, towards the shrine of the Martyr Dijwar in al-Dawoodia village.

When the demonstration arrived to the shrine, the co-chair of al-Hasakah Canton Council Abdul Ghani Oso said that the Turkish occupation state believed that with the arrest of Ocalan will end the people's revolution. "We continue our revolution with all strength and will not retreat until we achieve our goals in achieving the democratic nation, and win the freedom of Ocalan."

The demonstration ended with slogans echoing Ocalan's freedom.



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