According to the audio recording published on Monday, the citizen Marsad Thabat Abo Mashal, who addresses the those in charge of Bab al-Hawa crossing, noted to the disastrous conditions of civilians in Atima camp, especially after a fire broke out in the camp.

He noted that the citizens in the camp wanted to help his child, who had burned, but the Turkish occupation army prevented him from entering with his child to the Turkish territory and accompany him to Iskenderun hospital, and says that their children have become in danger from Turkey and its hospitals.

The citizen demands to know who accompanied his child to the hospital and extended a period of 24 hours for him to stay in the hospital without knowing the status of his child, threatening that if the status of his child is not disclosed and allow him to enter to be next to his child, all the displaced will come out of in the camp revolt to Turkey and its policy.

It is reported that a lot of information is circulated about Syrian patients’ organs are being traded in in Turkish state hospitals.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Turkish border guards have killed about 420 civilians on the Syrian-Turkish border at least since the start of the Syrian crisis.