Reports Syrian army's control over Tishreen Dam is false

Kobani Military Council has denied reports in a number of Russian and Syrian government sites about the Syrian army and Russian military police taking control of the second largest hydroelectric station in Syria.

said that the news circulated by some news sites regarding the Syrian government's control over the Tishreen Dam is untrue.

This came after a press conference was held on Sunday between the commander of the Russian military police in the Euphrates region in northern Syria and Kobani Military Council, in which the two sides stressed the protection of the region from the return of ISIS, and help the Syrian people, while the two parties exchanged Russian flags and the flag of Women's Protection Units YPJ.

The co-chair of the Military Council, Esmat Sheikh Hassan, said in a special statement to ANHA agency that work is still ongoing as usual in the dam as it was without any change.

Agreements weeks ago between the Russian government and the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA led to the deployment of Syrian army units at some points on the Syrian-Turkish border in the north of the country.

AA has confirmed on more than one occasion that the agreement between them and the Syrian regime is only military, and requires the deployment of the Syrian army on the border with Turkey and those separating the areas occupied by Turkey recently.



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