Regime imposed suffocating siege on al-Shahba

The regime's forces have been imposing a lot of money on food, medical and fuel supplies to al-Shahba, which is home to tens of thousands of Afrin residents who have been forcibly removed from the Turkish-occupied canton since March 2018.

Al-Shahba canton is located in the north-western part of Aleppo and is only a few kilometers from the control areas of Aleppo.

Taxes on aid

On the road between the canton and the regime's control areas, there are more than five checkpoints that impose heavy sums on the people of Afrin during their going to the city for emergency cases.

The member of the relief committee in Afrin Ahmed Issa, said that the Syrian regime aims to break the will of the people of Afrin in all ways and means.

"The Syrian regime imposes taxes of one million Syrian pounds on every truckload of aid coming from the north-eastern regions of Syria to al-Shahba," Issa said.

50 deaths due to the prevention of passage of emergency cases to Aleppo

The regime prevents the sick and wounded from going out from al-Shahba to Aleppo for treatment and emergency operations, causing the death of more than 50 people at a time when the Avrin hospital lacks cadres and medical equipment, according to the Democratic Autonomous Administration authorities of Afrin Canton.

Prevent entering of the fuel

As for the fuel, Issa said: "The Syrian regime has not yet sent a single barrel of fuel oil to the people of Afrin. When the people of northeast Syria contribute to support Afrin people in al-Shahba, the Syrian regime imposes more than 3 million Syrian pounds on the trucks, "

The Syrian regime also strictly forbids the passage of gas cylinders to al-Shaba.

7 million for each truck loaded with medicines

The Syrian regime prohibits the passage of specialized doctors from Aleppo to al-Shahba to provide treatment for patients. The canton has a small hospital and six points belonging to the Kurdish Red Crescent.

The regime imposes 7 million Syrian pounds on a truck loaded with drugs for the canton of al-Shahba.

In addition to this, the 4th Division of the Baathist regime steals all household items in the villages and areas of al-Shahba and exports them to Aleppo and has three points where the household items is collected from all the tools.



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