Regime forces launch new offensive to control Khan Sheikhoun City

The regime forces are launching a new offensive on Tal Teri axis south of Idlib after they seized 5 villages yesterday as they seek to move closer to the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun with intensive fire cover through about 625 air and ground strikes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that fierce clashes are taking place on Tal Teri axis the southern sector of the Idlib countryside, in a new attack by regime forces with Russian support for the third day in a row, amid the confrontation of mercenary groups.

The fighting is accompanied by heavy aerial and ground bombardments by Russian planes and helicopters, as well as dozens of shells and rockets. And farms during Tuesday, (villages of Kfar'in and Tal 'Aas and Um Zaytouna and Khirbet Murshid and Mentar Hamlets.)

The Syrian Observatory documented more casualties due to aerial and ground bombardments and clashes in the southern sector of the Idlib countryside,  the number of mercenary groups killed since midnight to the present reached 27, and the number of regime forces killed during the same period reached 14.

The regime forces have been launching violent attacks, accompanied by intensive ground and air bombardment of the so-called demilitarized zones since it declared an end to the truce and the resumption of military operations, accusing Turkey of continuing to use its terrorist tools in Idlib.


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