Refugees in Berxwedan camp abide in heath instructions to prevent Covid 19 outbreak

The refugees who are staying in Berxwedan camp in al-Shahba canton have pointed out the necessity to abide to the heath instructions issued by the Autonomous Administration, to prevent the coronavirus outbreak stressing that it came to ward off danger and protect citizens.

The Corona virus has turned into a global pandemic, causing in killing thousands of people around the world, as well as recording thousands of cases of it.

While no cases of HIV infection have been recorded so far in the north and east of Syria.

To ward off the risk of its spread and to preserve the safety of citizens, the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria issued a decision to impose a curfew, which began on March 23, and continues for a period of 15 days, which can be extended.

In the Berxwedan camp in Fafin district, al-Shahba canton, where the people of Afrin who were displaced by the Turkish occupation from their homes live, many of them thanked the administration for its concern for the safety of citizens.

The displaced Muhammed Hassan said: The curfew is applied inside the camp by its residents, and that they go out to the market only to bring their necessary supplies, and that all commercial stores are closed, except for some food stores, medical points and pharmacies, as he described the decisions of AA are good.

On her part, the citizen, Suleia Battal, expressed her thanks and gratitude for the efforts of the AA, and for taking such precautions to preserve the health of citizens and ensure their safety, and that the residents of the camp are interested in cleaning their clothes and their tents, and are exposed to sunlight.

In her turn, Citizen Khaleda Qasim confirmed that they are following the instructions announced by AA related with curfew, and that these instructions were issued to maintain their safety from the Corona virus.

The citizen Refaat Alloush said that they abide by the instructions on how to keep their homes clean, wash their hands, spread their clothes in the sun, and sterilize their supplies.



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