Refugees, Displaced Office appeals for urgent support as thousands flood to Hasakah

The official of the Office of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria has appealed to humanitarian organizations to move urgently to provide assistance to thousands of displaced people from northern and eastern Syria who have gone to al-Hasakah, warning of a humanitarian catastrophe due to water shortages.

The Turkish aggression on northern and eastern Syria since 4 days and the bombing of Turkish air and artillery of populated areas led to the displacement of thousands of border towns and villages to the city of al-Hasakah and its countryside, and therefore the Autonomous Administration institutions have mobilized to provide assistance to the displaced, and currently allocated 12 schools in the city to accommodate the huge number of the displaced on a daily basis.

Commenting on the situation of displaced persons, Sheikh Mousa Ahmed, head of the Office for Refugees and Displaced Persons Affairs in northern and eastern Syria, issued a statement at the Abd al-Ahad Mousa school in the crowded city of al-Hasakah in Nazareth district. At the same time, the possibility of a humanitarian catastrophe caused by the lack of water off from the city since the beginning of the Turkish invasion due to the Turkish occupation targeting Alouk station in Serê Kaniyê and its discontinuation, which was supplying drinking water to Al-Hasakah canton.

Ahmed stressed that they are working as much as possible to provide shelter and the necessary needs of the displaced, but their potential is not enough for so many, and called on the world and the international community to move quickly to end the Turkish invasion and stop the catastrophe it will cause civilians. He appealed to humanitarian organizations to ensure the daily and medical needs of thousands of displaced people and the needs of children and the sick.


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