Real Syrian opposition may be formed under Syrian-international agreement

Riyad Dirdar noted that there is change in the form of the Syrian opposition under Syrian- international agreement, while the pro-Turkey opposition that saves the interests of Turkey will be away from the future of Syria.

The representatives of the north and east of Syria in the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) spared no effort for getting serious steps to unify the Syrians, reach a real project that paves the way for solving the crisis and moving to a new political stage that fulfills the aspirations of the Syrian people in freedom and democracy.

We have made a political tour to many capitals and cities in the Middle East and Europe, and recently landed in important Arab capitals of high value on the Arab and international scene.

'Serious efforts for restructuring the Syrian opposition'

A lot of meetings held in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan and Egypt, and according to statements and reports, there are serious efforts by Saudi Arabia and Cairo to restructure the Syrian opposition.

The Co-Head of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Dirar, spoke to Hawar agency about the efforts of ( SDC )concerning its meetings in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and what might result from such alliances, the expected political body, and its impact on the Syrian crisis in the future, in particular areas of northern and eastern Syria.

'Revealing the real face of pro-Turkey opposition'

Dirar explained that the linked and depended opposition on outer parties is uncovered to all sides and said, "Many Arab and European countries that supported this opposition at one of the stages have now discovered the extent of their mercenarism (opposition) they have and their dependence on the interests of regional countries that supported this opposition." Dirar said: "These countries have begun recalculating and withdrawing their political and military support gradually for these parties."

 ‘We work on finding a solution for the Syrian crisis away from Turkey-linked opposition’

He pointed out that there are efforts for restructuring the Syrian opposition, and that these changes will depend on the level of international consensus in Syria. "Turkey-linked opposition will go on protecting Turkey's interests, but we will work with the other side to find a solution to the Syrian crisis away from Turkey." Dirar said.

'We will participate in the next political process  for resolving the Syrian crisis'

 The Co-Head of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Dirar, confirmed that SDC will participate in any future political efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis. He referred to the efforts of activating the project of Cairo's conference. Dirar added: "We may build together this conference, and once again we are called and we will participate in Cairo 3rd conference effectively. We will participate in and be a part of it. This will enable us to chart a new political path to meet the benefits, and get all the support for any negotiation that may take place with the Syrian government."

 Tomorrow: A Political vision for the Co-Head of the Syrian Democratic Council on the latest events in the Middle East.



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