​​​​​​​Rasul: CPT did not fulfill its duty towards Ocalan

The writer and journalist Malvan Rasul explained that the struggle of Leader Abdullah Ocalan does not violate the decisions and standards of the United Nations, because it is legitimate. He indicated that the Committee Against Torture and Violence CPT did not fulfill its duty regarding what the leader Abdullah Ocalan is subjected to.

The CPT of the Council of Europe stated, on August 5, in its report on the 2019 visit, that it had met all political detainees on the island of "Imrali". It expressed her regret at the almost complete absence of family visits in recent years with Ocalan, as well as the refusal of requests for visits from his lawyer since 2019.

The Kurdish writer and journalist Rasul explained that: “Isolation is imposed on a person who commits a felony or a heinous crime, and it is within the custody of freedoms if it is proven against anyone.

The Turkish state does not only detain the leader, but rather holds all peoples opposing injustice in the person of Ocalan. "

Rasul stated that the Turkish state has a history full of violations of human rights, and the best example is Ocalan without committing any crime other than claiming the rights of his people and the peoples of the region.

Rasul noted that: “According to international norms and human rights, any influential and distinguished figure has the right to struggle and fight for the freedom of their people. The United Nations recognizes that Ocalan's struggle does not contradict that. "

Rasul stated that states have double standards in dealing with liberation movements and organizations from a military and political point of view, pointing out that the Committee against Torture and Violence did not fulfill its duty regarding what the leader Abdullah Ocalan is exposed to.

The Committee against Violence and Torture did not fulfill its duty

Rasul stressed the need for the Anti-Violence and Torture Committee to fulfill its duty and put pressure on Turkey, and allow the families of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his lawyer to meet with their client, and said: “Because the Kurdish people and all peoples who yearn for freedom need directions, ideas and vision of the leader to solve the pending issues.”

Rasul explained that international organizations are ineffective, although they derive their legitimacy from the United Nations and the Security Council, as they are being exploited by certain parties and political agendas. He said: "The pleading presented by Ocalan is sufficient to condemn the Turkish state."

Rasul referred to the international silence about the practices that the leader Abdullah Ocalan is subjected to and the tight isolation on him, and indicated that all the rights of the leader and the rights of the Kurdish people are violated before the eyes of international organizations and forces that claim democracy, and he said: “What is happening in all of Kurdistan is contrary to international, religious and moral values ​​and laws "

The people can make a change

Rasul drew attention to the fact that the Kurdish people in large Turkish cities such as Istanbul and Ankara can pressure the Turkish government and the ruling party in political and economic terms, and bring about changes in the Turkish street. ”He criticized the Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan about their silence and what the leader Abdullah Ocalan is subjected to.

The writer called the patriotic forces, progressive forces and peoples yearning for freedom, to seek to break the strict isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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