Rasoul: Ocalan's clear message, enough of infighting

The Kurdish writer and media man Melvan Rasul called on all keen patriots on the unity of the Kurdish rank to put aside differences, "Enough is enough," he said, adding that the recent message of Ocalan is clear calling for unity and agreement on national principles.

 For years, Kurdish forces and parties have been calling for unity and laying aside the partisan differences and several initiatives have recently been launched, such as the Initiative of the General Command of the SDF, intellectuals, politicians and Kurdish writers abroad. Most recently the leader, Ocalan stressed the need for unity during his contact with his family on April 27.

"40 years ago, Kurdish unity should have been achieved, this message is for Qandil, Başûr and Barzani and Talabani families as well. There is no need for Kurds to fight each other, Kurds need unity, peace and unity,"Ocalan said during his call with his brother Mohammed Ocalan.

The writer and journalist Rasoul explained that the Kurdish people are going through a very critical phase. they need greater determination, effort and organization to protect what has been achieved.

 Ocalan's message is clear.

Rasoul called the Kurdish people and the components of the northeast of Syria to join hands, referring to Ocalan's message, saying: "It clearly calls for unity and agreement on national principles." 

Rasoul pointed out that after 21 years of detention and isolation, the recent call is of strategic importance, especially at this stage, as Kurdistan is going through a very difficult phase in its four parts, specifically in Rojava and Başûr.

Rasoul praised various political, military and administrative levels achievements of the Kurds in the last ten years   especially in Rojava and northern Syria, as they reached an advanced stage that was not considered, and rejected all the differences planted by the Baathist regime in Syrian society, and said: "All components of northeast Syria are co-living without discrimination, and the concept of a national state was eliminated after the announcement of the project of the Autonomous Administration."

"There are world powers that want to undermine the gains in Rojava. Ocalan is well-aware of the dangerous stage, especially the distribution of the actors roles on the Syrian scene and the Middle East. there are many dangers  from the mercenaries and regional, so he called for strengthening the organizational system," Rasoul said.

Returning to the national incubator and rejecting differences

 Rasoul addressed the latest developments in Zîne Wartê in Başûr against the background of the mobilizing the KDP's -Iraq forces there, he said "It has very serious implications and serves Turkish political interests in the first place in cooperation with regional and international powers, so it is necessary to unite and prevent fragmentation in the Kurdish house," he said.

Rasoul noted that in the event of any Kurdish-Kurdish military build-up, all efforts and gains made will be of no use. He stressed that dialogue will put an end to conflicts and form a solid Kurdish unity.

Rasoul explained that recently, Ocalan has referred  to the 1982 agreement between the PKK and Barzani , and said: "Since then the risks have continued, so we must return to the Kurdish national incubator and renounce all differences  in order not be an obstacle for the Kurdish  unity."

As for the past agreements and initiatives to unite the Kurdish ranks, "Kurdish-Kurdish cooperation must be established between all Kurdish parties on all levels and prevent internal fighting. Kurds must protect the Kurdish people wherever they may be."

Enough of infighting

"If any part of Kurdistan is attacked, it must be promptly defended, as the areas of Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî, Afrin, Şengal, Kirkuk and northern Kurdistan are subjected daily to brutal attacks, and thousands of Kurdish people are killed, kidnapped, arbitrarily arrested and executed there.

 The Kurdish writer and media man, Rasoul called on all patriots to unite the Kurdish ranks, putting aside differences, and said: "Enough of war. Everyone should work in the service of high issues. it is not permissible to bargain and cooperate with the occupying forces to undermine these gains, the Kurdish forces are responsible for this historic leap."



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