Rasol : Ocalan's ideas are key to end ME's crisis

The Kurdish intellectual Mavlan Rasol stressed the importance of the ideas of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in resolving the Syrian crisis. He said that the principle of coexistence of the peoples that was established in the north and east of Syria is inspired by the ideas of Ocalan.

Rasol addressed the importance of the ideas of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan in the overall achievements in the regions of northern and eastern Syria over the years of revolution in terms of establishing the principle of coexistence, and said that this trend is inspired by the ideas of Ocalan. "The formation of autonomous administrations with all its components in the north and east of Syria was an example to be followed by the peaceful coexistence of the peoples inspired by the thought and philosophy of Ocalan," Rasol added.

"The leader's message is the key to resolving the conflict in Syria and the Middle East and ending the conflict, the battles and the destruction," he said.

He also added that "the Turkish occupation failed militarily in Idlib and Syria in general and politically in the Arab and Islamic world, and the Turkish bombing of southern Kurdistan after the letter sent by the leader is a message that Turkey is unable to find solutions to any dilemma in the region, so Turkey has no solution but the military solution."

Ocalan's message will end the crisis in Syria

 Rasol added," In Syria, we need a vision and a theory that gathers all components, so everyone needs the ideas that were expressed in the message of Abdullah Ocalan."

"In the Middle East in general, we are experiencing a crisis of lack of leadership, which highlights the need for leadership and ideas that will save us from the scourge, because ethnic, sectarian and religious conflicts are still alive in the minds of the colonized countries and the fate of these peoples, so we need those who save us from these scourges. And the leader's message is to end the crisis and find a solution to the Syrian crisis, because all negotiations in Astana, Geneva and Riyadh and Cairo platforms did not reach any solution to end the Syrian people crisis. "

Political elites in the Arab world have begun to realize the importance of the democratic nation's theory

Rasol stressed that the academicians, politicians and educated elite in the Arab world began to realize the importance of the ideas of Ocalan and the theory of the democratic nation, through campaigns against violence and lifting isolation and release of the leader in the prisons of fascism Turkish, stressing that these campaigns that the message of the leader and thought and the project of the democratic nation is Salvation of peoples from oppression and oppression. A good example of this is the campaign launched by Saudi intellectuals who are aware of the gravity of the Turkish occupation on the security of the region in general. "

Rasol called for the release of " philosopher Abdullah Ocalan, who spent years in the prisons of the fascist Turkish, because the release of the leader is the key to the solution in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular."



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