Quarantine imposed on Rojava refugee camp in Hewler

Today, the authorities of Başûr (South Kurdistan) imposed a quarantine on the Dara Shukran refugee camp for the people of Rojava in Hewler, and prevented entry and exit to and from the camp, after a Coronavirus case was confirmed.

The camp administration closed the entrance to the Dara Shukran camp to prevent any movement, in addition to prohibiting the opening of the market and commercial stores, vowing to punish the violators.

Hewler governate yesterday recorded two new cases of the Coronavirus, one of which belongs to a 32-year-old man from the Dara Shukran camp, who works for a company within the city of Hewler, and the other for a man from the Kisanzan district working in the carpentry.

The Ministry of Health in Başûr previously imposed quarantine on several neighborhoods and residential complexes after recording Corona infections in them, in order to prevent the spread of the virus and to determine the source of transmission.

According to the last statistic of the Ministry of Health in Başûr, the total number of people infected with the Coronavirus has reached 347 cases, including 4 deaths and 320 cases of recovery.

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