​​​​​​​PYD: People must abide by AA decisions to prevent Coronavirus outbreak

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party called on the people of the people abroad, and all regions of northern and eastern Syria to cooperate with the decisions of Autonomous Administration, as a preventive measure to ward off the dangers of Corona, work and cooperation seriously.

 In accordance with a circular issued by the Joint Presidency of the Executive Council for North and East Syria as a preventive measure to prevent the emergence and spread of the Coronavirus, the curfew will begin in the regions of northern and eastern Syria starting at 06:00 this morning, March 23.

 Accordingly, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party PYD issued a written statement, urging the people to adhere to the guidelines of AA to stave off the dangers of Corona virus.


The text of the statement:

"The whole world is going through very exceptional circumstances as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID19), as life has become disrupted in all vital facilities of countries; this virus and the speed of its spread, especially in light of the possibility of its transmission through all daily practices, is a great danger, and it has been declared as a global epidemic.

It is these circumstances that have caused many countries to reconsider their domestic policies and are searching for programs that restrict the transmission of this virus, which still finds it difficult to eliminate its spread, which now puts us all facing important and serious challenges and responsibilities.

In the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), we address our party members and supporters, as well as all of our people both abroad who we hope will abide by the official directives followed, as well as at home in all regions of northern and eastern Syria, in cooperation with decisions issued by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, as a preventive measure It helps to ward off the risks and the spread of this disease, especially as our regions are still free from any injuries, according to the official health authorities, and this prompts us to work and cooperate seriously with the aforementioned decisions.

This virus is a real big threat, and no one should tolerate taking the necessary measures, especially preventive ones, so moving individually from each person or from every family leads to the creation of gatherings as we saw on Newroz Day; this is a danger and an impediment to the efforts of AA in carrying out its duty.

We believe in the ability and discipline of our people, as well as their awareness and concern for public safety, and we all hope that there will be serious commitment and cooperation. "

With our safety wishes to our people and the whole world.



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