PYD: July 19 revolution holds seeds of solution, salvation to Syria, region

The General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the July 19 revolution represents a situation unlike what the people experienced during the years of the crisis that hit Syria, and it carries the seeds of solution and salvation for Syria and the region.

The General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a statement on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the July 19 Revolution in Rojava, "the revolution represented human values ​​and embodied fraternity and co-existence, and worked towards establishing a consensual system east of Syria to prove to the world that we are peaceful people and seek peace, and defend our project, which was achieved by the blood of our sons and daughters. "

The text of the statement:

The 19 July Revolution enters its seventh year at an escalating pace of struggle, adhering to the societal and human values ​​on which it was built.

Seven years ago, winds of change blew in Syria after Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and the movement of the people demanding freedom and dignity and a transition to a system of justice and peace, but that mass movement quickly changed from peaceful to militarism, after militant factions took control of the movement to suffocate it. On the other hand, the Baathist regime was stepping up the pace of repression of demonstrations and seeking to push it towards militarism to justify its use of force and suppress demonstrations.

In the face of this reality, which has been increasingly complicated due to regional and international interventions, we have had two choices: Either we are drawn to a bloody conflict or we choose a different approach that protects our regions and people with its social components. We offer a political alternative to a system of government based on consensus and democratic principles, not to turn Syria back. Hence, the decision was that we should face difficulties, and we should not give up to anyone; we should push others to change their thinking and approach because the people stood up for change for the better; not for the worse.

During the seven years of hard work, the 19 July Revolution achieved political, social, military and administrative leapfrogging. Despite the siege and exclusion, the democratic Autonomous Administration remained the best model for coexistence among the Syrian factions and struggled to open the doors and listen to international and humanitarian organizations.

At the same time, a revolution that is considered the first in the Middle East was achieved through the demonstration and crystallization of the role of women in it and the achievement of women for important achievements, and because women found their freedom in this revolution they had to engage in revolution and participate in various fields alongside men. The administrative and legislative system that cares for the citizens’ affairs and meets their needs in various fields such as health, education, services, agriculture, economy and others, has become a symbol for the courage and valor of its fighters who respond to terror of Daesh and to liberate the land and people from the darkness of their rule. On the administrative side, women worked with their own strengths to establish an administrative, legislative and judicial system that cares for the affairs of citizens and meets their needs in various fields such as health, education, services, agriculture, economy, and others.

The march of the rising revolution was not easy because it was surrounded and still with enemies, every party found in the Autonomous Administration and its political approach based on the democratic nation is a threat to its project that seeks to divide Syria. Turkey, which saw the Kurds and the democratic administration as a real threat to its Brotherhood project, was on the list of those who wanted to strike against this revolutionary project, and so it quickly opened its borders to terrorists from all parts of the world and closed it to dealing with administration and with of the Russian and with international complicity to occupy Afrin; and continues to threaten the democratic administration and waiting for the opportunity to strike this project based on peace. As for the Syrian regime, and despite the fact that it is the main reason for the situation in the country, it remains steadfast in its rationality and is determined that things will proceed according to what it wants after this huge amount of destruction and social rift. It refuses to enter any serious negotiation process through which Syria can move to a new stage.

The July 19 Revolution represents a situation unlike what has been achieved during the years of crisis that hit Syria. It carries with it the seeds of solution and salvation to Syria and the region because it is not based on the principle of superiority of class, sect or religion, but based on the concept of a democratic nation that seeks democratic transformation and access to the free citizenship that preserves each component and individual both his rights and his freedom. This is what the July 19 Revolution seeks and will remain committed to and will fight to defend its people with all its components. It will spare no effort to open doors and communicate with all parties involved in the Syrian affairs to resolve its intractable and complex crisis.

We, in the General Council of the Democratic Union Party, we congratulated our people on all its components by the July 19 Revolution, which represented human values, embodied the words of brotherhood and co-existence, and worked to establish a consensual system of the Autonomous Administration for the north and east of Syria, to prove to the world that we are peaceful people and seek peace, and we defend our project which achieved by the blood of our martyrs and the struggle of our sons and daughters

General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)


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