PYD congratulates Yazidis on Red Wednesday occasion

The Democratic Union party (PYD) has congratulated the Yazidis on the Yazidi New Year named Red Wednesday and stressed the necessity of providing all forms of support for Yazidis so that they will manage themselves by themselves in accordance with their proven reality of co-existence, peace and unity of destiny among different cultures and peoples of the Middle East.

On Tuesday, the General Assembly of PYD released a statement to the public opinion on Yazidi New Year's occasion which will be held tomorrow, in which it congratulated the Yazidis on the occasion.

The text of the statement:

"The first Wednesday of every April marks the approach of the Yazidi New Year, called the Red Wednesday, which carries many meanings to the Yazidi belief as an authentic component and one of the most ancient beliefs of Mesopotamia. The meanings of regeneration, emancipation and evolution. These historical rituals, which reflect the most important and oldest cultures in the region, have been accompanied by many exclusionary policies from various narrow stereotypes, whether religious or national, or related to the authoritarian system that has oppressed all the cultures, the most recent of which was the exposure of Yazidi Kurds to a massacre by the terrorist organization of Daesh in August 2014, whose number was massacre No. 74 against them despite strong resistance of (HPG) and (YPG,YPJ) had sought to defend them at the time with participation of Şengal Protection Units and other forces .The new Yazidi year comes at a time when SDF have achieved a historic victory against the terrorist Daesh organization and the liberation of the entire land it occupied in the battle of al-Jazeera Tempest in the town of al-Baguz in Deir-ez-Zor.

At the same time when the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) congratulates the Yazidi Kurds and the people of the region on this occasion, we affirm that the best way to cut off and prevent any abuse by any party against this culture is one of the most important pillars of the historical and societal dimension for the reality of the people of Kurdistan in all their regions, which is to provide help and all forms of support so that it can manage itself in accordance with its proven reality of coexistence, peace and unity of destiny among different cultures and peoples of the Middle East. We also take advantage of the coming of this new year and call on all Syrians and the world to work with greater determination and struggle to resolve the Syrian crisis according to its political path, leading to the achievement of a decentralized and democratic Syria, and on the basis of a substantive negotiating process which is not absent from any democratic national party in contrast to the way which Syria has gone through during the past eight years, and increased pain, violence and destruction."



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