Protests in Algeria

In conjunction with the isolation of symbols of Bouteflika's resigned regime and prosecutions on the grounds of suspicions of corruption.

Calls are continuing on social networking sites to demonstrate until the departure of the entire "regime", and demonstrators have come since early morning to avoid closing the roads leading to the capital, according to AFP.

This protest day comes at the end of a week of new resignations, lawsuits against symbols of the regime and the arrest of wealthy businessmen, which may encourage protesters to continue to demonstrate.

But the authority has not yet responded to the basic demands of the departure of the symbols of the most prominent system of Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, who resigned on 2 April 2019 after twenty years of government, and the organization of the transfer of power outside the institutional framework stipulated by the constitution.

In accordance with the constitutional path held by the army, which became the center of power after Bouteflika's departure, Ben Saleh decided to organize elections on July 4, which is rejected by the popular movement, which does not trust the integrity of these elections.



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