Prominent terms of political document of Kurdish Rank Unification Congress

The draft document of the Kurdistan National Congress Initiative affirms that Kurdish-Kurdish fighting is a national crime, and that efforts to convene a Kurdistan national conference to outline the strategy of Kurdish liberation struggle in four parts should be successful, and that the liberation of Afrin is one of the priorities of the Kurdish people's struggle and political forces.

An informed source revealed to ANHA some of the items of the political document.

According to the source, the document states that the Kurdish people are a key component of the Syrian social fabric and their rights must be constitutionally ensured, and that this must be guaranteed and above constitutional articles within a pluralistic, decentralized democratic Syria. Support and protect the achievements and gains of the Rojava Kurdistan Revolution and the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria.

Liberating Afrin is of the priorities of the struggle of the Kurdish people and their political forces

The document stresses the need to unify the Kurdish position in Rojava, and to affirm that the YPG, YPJ, and SDF are the legitimate forces that have protected and liberated the region from "terrorism" and tyranny and maintained security and stability there. And that Afrin is an integral part of Rojava, and consider the liberation of Afrin is the priorities of the struggle of the Kurdish people and their political forces.

At the Kurdish and national levels, the document focuses on the need to work for the success of the efforts of holding a national conference of Kurdistan, which outlines the strategy of the Kurdish liberation struggle in the four parts, and on the primacy of all parties in the national interest over the private and narrow partisan interests, and not to slip into relations that harm the interests and gains of other parts, Problems and differences between the Kurdish parties, and the commitment of Kurdish parties and organizations to work in accordance with democratic methods and the principle of respect for the other, and not to cross the red lines that harm the interests of the Kurdish people.

The document, according to the informed source, provides for the protection of all other national components within the framework of Kurdish unity, and the development of relations between the various components (ethnic, religious and sectarian) in Rojava based on the basis of common life, equality and mutual respect.

The 28 political parties and blocs under the initiative of the Kurdish National Congress held a few days ago a meeting that resulted in the decision to hold a conference to unify the Kurdish rank in a maximum period of one month, in addition to the issuance of a political document to be presented during the conference.



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