Preparations for human shields on the Turkish border in Kobani

Residents of the Euphrates region of northern Syria are preparing for a sit-in outside the Turkish border on Wednesday in various parts of Kobani canton following recent Turkish threats in northern Syria.

Preparations for the establishment of human shields and sit-ins on the border between the Euphrates region of northern Syria and the Turkish territories have begun following the Turkish threats and the military movements of the Turkish army opposite different parts of northern Syria.

Kobani Council on Wednesday morning released a statement in Free Woman Square at the center of Kobani to the public denouncing the Turkish threats to launch a military operation towards the Syrian territory.

The city of Kobani in coincidence with the sit-in is also witnessing a strike, including markets and shops, denouncing the Turkish threats.

At the same time, several cities in northern and eastern Syria, especially the cities of Qamishlo, Hasakah and Serê Kaniyê, are preparing to carry out various activities, rejecting the Turkish military actions off the Syrian border and its threats.

The village of Qara Mog, west of the city of Kobani on the border, witnessed a sit-in in which thousands of Syrians participated in December last year, denouncing the Turkish threats.


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