​​​​​​​Preliminary results show Netanyahu's progress in the Israeli elections

Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party led other Israeli parties in the Knesset elections, according to the preliminary results of the elections.

The Israeli Central Committee for the Elections closed the polls after midnight yesterday, while Israeli media reported that the initial results of the Israeli elections: “show tangible progress for the right and Likud parties, at the expense of the left and center parties, the most important of which is his Lavan alcohol” between Gantz It is one of the largest Israeli parties. "

The media reported that the initial results show that the Likud party won 37 seats, and the right-wing parties combined gained 60 seats, and therefore they need one seat to form a new Israeli government, according to Israeli law, which requires the party to obtain 61 seats to form a government.

The Israeli media drew: "Without 61 seats, it may be possible to go again to the elections for a new Knesset for the fourth time."

Israeli observers estimate that Netanyahu is counting on splits in the left and center parties, and thus the ability to form a government with the support of Knesset members outside the right-wing coalition.

Netanyahu announced his victory in the elections, and said he has begun discussing the new government with right-wing parties, while the final results of the elections will be released within the next two days.



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