Precautionary measures against Covid-19 at Girê Spî camp

Despite its limited potential, the administration of Girê Spî camp for displaced has initiated the establishment of a health center  for the coronavirus and appealed to all residents to abide by the preventive measures. The administration has also sterilized the camp.

With the wide outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria has confirmed that no cases of the lethal virus have been recorded so far in the administration areas. A bunch of resolution and precautionary procedures has been taken against the outbreak of the disease at Girê Spî camp for displaced in the town of Tel Al-Saman, south of Ain Issa.

Among the  taken measures by the camp administration to prevent the infection, the concerned committees have sterilized the camp, in addition to distributing hygiene materials on the residents. 30 communes at the camp took part in the distributing the daily life requirements on the displaced. The camp administration in cooperation with the Red Crescent and doctors, held a meeting with people about ways of preventing against the virus in addition to distributing leaflets about personal and general hygiene and prevention.

The educational process was suspended at the camp school, where 35 teachers were supervising the education of 411 students to prevent any infections.

Members of the internal security follow the necessary measures, in terms of wearing muzzles and gloves.

The health center is at work

The role of  the health center emerged to strengthen the preventive measures, where 10 of the medical staff work for various specializations, internal and gynecological diseases, in addition drugstore in the light of the international organizations failure to provide the necessary services for the displaced, the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria has provided all available resources, including health care.

Dr. Akif Muhammad Khalaf noted that international organizations have not provided yet any support or assistance to the displaced, adding, "Although we have repeatedly appealed and communicated with international humanitarian organizations. All these organizations are acting in accordance with the commercial mindset, and do not care about appeals and the demands of the displaced." He said.

Dr. Khalaf touched on the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, and imposing curfew in many countries, said, "The camp suffers from a shortage of supplies and hygiene. People should cooperate fully with the medical staff and the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria. We are organizing in coordination with the camp administration tours on the people in order to educate them against the virus. We have worked to cleanse and sterilize the camp and its surroundings according to the potentials and we appeal to all the residents of the camp to cooperate with us." .

Nazi Muhammed, a displaced said parents are committed not to get out of the tents, adding: "In order to protect ourselves and our children from the Covid-19 , we urge children to take care of their hygiene."



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