Politician critic of international silence about Turkish efforts to divide Syria

The Administrator of Democratic Union party PYD in GIRÊ SPî canton Ismail Qawas, has criticized the UN and international community's stance on the Turkish violations in Afrin and stressed that the construction of a wall separating Afrin from Syria is an attempt to implement the Milli Charter.

The Administrator of Democratic Union party PYD in GIRÊ SPî canton and a member of the Public Relations Committee Ismail Qawas that Turkey is trying through its intervention in Syria to divide the country in accordance with its interests.

Hawar news agency(ANHA) interviewed with Ismail Qawas, talked about Turkey's construction of the wall of dividing Syria from its Syrian surroundings and the violations committed by the occupying state in occupied Afrin, in addition to other topics related to Turkish internal and foreign policy.

"The separation wall is built with the aim of annexing Afrin to Turkey, dividing Syria and then implementing Milli Charter," he said.

Turkish occupation and its mercenaries having occupied Afrin canton on 18 March, 2018

Immediately after its occupation, Turkey began a process of demographic change in the region and adopted a policy of Turkification on it, while recently building a wall separating Afrin from its Syrian surroundings.

Regarding Turkey's claims to establish a "buffer zone" in north Syria, a member of the Democratic Union PYD Ismail Qawas, says: "Turkey does not spread security anywhere it controls it, and Afrin was good example."

And added "Turkey wants - under the name of buffer zone to occupy more lands from Syrian territories."

The politician criticized at the end of his speech the United Nations and Russia which still remains silent about the situation in Afrin, and called on the international community to get out of silence and see the violations committed by Turkey in Afrin.



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