Politician : Buffer zone is Turkish expansive project

Member of Organizational Office of Syrian Future Party in the Euphrates Region Kedim Ibrahim said that the buffer zone project suggested by Turkey is political game coincides with expansive project which Turkey seek to apply it in the Syrian lands. 

In order to thwart the Autonomous Administration project in the North and East of Syria, the AKP party seeks to establish a buffer zone in the North of Syria under Turkey's supervision under pretext of protecting the Turkish national security.

The Turkish demand refused by the components of North and East of Syria especially, after occupying many parts of the Syrian lands as al-Bab, Ezaz, Jrablos and Afrin canton and practiced killing, looting and kidnapping not to mention the Turkization policy and the demographic change.

In this regard Hawar News Agency conducted an interview with Organizational Office's member of Syrian Future party in the Euphrates Region Kedim Ibrahim.

Seeking to establish a buffer zone is pretext to expand in the neighboring country's lands

Kedim Ibrahim said that the areas of North and East of Syria are safe areas at all levels  and all components live together peacefully thanks to the active administrations on the ground.

He added that the "buffer zone" is a pretext used by Turkey whenever the Turkish lira declines, we, as Syrian Future Party see that the AKP party's goal is to expand its influence in the lands of neighboring country and this is really a big mistake made by Turkey.

Turkey has not any right to intervene in the Syrian affairs

As for the Turkish intervene in the Syrian issues and affairs, Kedim said," Turkey has not any right to intervene the internal affairs of Syria because it is the one which gathered the mercenaries from all the countries and provided them with the roads to go to Syria, where all the mercenaries who were being wounded in the battles in North and East of Syria were going to Turkey and to the Turkish hospitals to be treated there, then return to the battles in Syria, so that the buffer zone must be under the international supervision and under the supervision of the Global Coalition and the UN.     

The Syrian Government overlooks the Turkish intervention in Syria

Kedim Ibrahim pointed out to the Syrian Government overlook over the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands saying, "unfortunately, we have not seen any firm position or any decision from the Syrian government and the Turkish occupation occupies about 10 % of the Syrian lands without any move by the Syrian government to protect the lands of Syria."

"We are who rightfully deserve  to protect our borders and our national security"

"From the point of view of the Syrian Future Party, we want to establish good relations with the neighboring countries, including Turkey, because if it was in the interest of the Syrian people, we are more careful than Turkey on the security of our borders and we maintain the security of our borders with neighboring countries, we are better to protect our borders, and we are not the axis of evil, we are keen on the safety of our people," Ibrahim added.

Turkey trying to create sectarian conflicts among the components of the region

"Turkey, through its intelligence and its agents, is spreading strife among the components and trying to create sectarian conflicts to strike at the democratic nation's project. Turkey has a long history in the ruin of Syria as a whole, not just north and east of Syria, so we say that we are the best and the first to protect our country. Our mother country, Damascus is our capital and we defend our country. "

At the end of his speech, Kedim said: "From this point of view, we must be aware and well aware of the reality promoted by Turkey and defend our land, all promoted by Turkey is an intelligence and political security game, Turkey must know that the time of empires has ended "If Erdogan thinks about it, he suicides."



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