Political analyst: Europeans realize Turkish danger, its links to terrorist groups

Nidal Choucair, a professor of Strategic Communication and Government Relations, said that the Europeans have realized the danger that Turkey poses to them, pointing out that those accused of terrorism in Europe have close links with "Ankara and Youssef Al-Qaradawi."

Nidal Choucair said in an interview with Al Arabiya Network: “Abdelhakim Al-Safrawi is a main indicted of inciting the killing of the French teacher, Samuel Paty.

He pointed out that all reports indicate that he is directly related to Al-Qaradawi, who is residing in Qatar, pointing out that Europe has begun to realize the Turkish danger.

Choucair added that "Baraka City Association has been closed now," and there is information that its president has requested asylum in Turkey. In his speech, Choucair reiterated that the association has a direct relationship with Ankara describing it as "very strong relationship."

Choucair explained "The Europeans have realized the ideological danger that Turkey poses to them -currently in Europe in general and not only in France- thus there have been moves: the most important of which is the French move that developed a project against religious separatism, which mainly targets extremists."

He said, "Here we are talking more about the groups and organizations of political Islam (the Brotherhood and others), which was mentioned by French President Emmanuel Macron through some steps, which are 4 very influential: No to controlling mosques, no to controlling Arabic language schools, no to foreign funding of associations at home, the most important thing is not the hate speech that some foreign media platforms are trying to promote."

This comes after an 18-year-old youth of Chechen descent cut off the head of teacher Samuel Paty in October 16 in broad daylight in front of his school in a suburb of Paris.

On October 28, the French Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanan, announced in a tweet on Twitter that the cabinet had dissolved the "Baraka City" Association, which the government accused of "justifying terrorist acts."

Darmanan said that this non-governmental organization headed by Idris Yemou, known as Idris C. Hamdi, "incites hatred and justifies terrorist acts."

Of note, there were two terrorist attacks in France, in the first attack that occurred in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Nice, three people were killed, while the second attack took place in the city of Avignon, but the attacker was killed.


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