Pire: Peshmerga Roj mobilization poses real threat

Saadi Ahmed Pire, member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau (PUK), indicated that the Peshmerga mobilization in the areas of northern Iraq (Başur of Kurdistan) posed a serious threat, indicating that they support Murad Karayilan's call to stop the brotherhood fighting, noting that Turkey controls some areas of Bahdinan, and expressed his rejection of the Turkish occupation's attacks on Başur.

During his participation in a TV program, a member of the PUK's political bureau Saeed Ahmed Pire referred to the call of the member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Murad Karayilan, for peace to the fratricidal war, and the danger of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) mobilization in the Bahdinan region and the Turkish occupation.

The statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Security Council and the agreement on Şingal was published by Rojnews

These forces' mobilization in some areas poses a threat

The PDK has mobilized Peshmerga forces in some areas and the Gara region currently, and this poses a serious threat in the region." He said.

We support the Karayilan call

He added that Mr. Murdad Karayilan is well-experienced fighter in war and peace. He is aware of the political and national war outcomes, so we support his call to stop the war among brothers.

Turkey controls some areas of Bahdinan

Bire continued his talk about the Turkish occupation of the Bahdinan region, saying: “Turkey controls some areas of Bahdinan, so even the mobile phone networks in those areas have become Turkish.

He also referred to several agreements by the KDP with Iraq and Turkey, stressing that despite his presence in the government, he was not aware of these agreements.

We support the agreement if it is accepted by people

In the context, he touched on the PDK-Bagdad agreement on Şingal, saying: “We support the agreement if it is accepted by Şingal people, but it seems that they did not agree to it; Therefore, we are against it.”

Regarding the recent statement of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, Pire said: “If what they say is correct, it must be announced. The Security Council has not held a meeting to issue a statement for a long time. There are problems and conflicts within the Security and Intelligence Service of the Security Council,” adding: “If this is not solved, statements will be repeated, such as those of the Security Council.

The Turkish occupation attacks on southern Kurdistan (Başur) are unacceptable

In the conclusion of his speech, member of the PUK's political bureau, Saadi Ahmed Pire, stressed that the Turkish occupation's attacks on southern Kurdistan are unacceptable, noting that the goal of the Turkish state is the occupation and not only the implementation of its own charter, and the evidence is that the latter has nothing to do with Libya or Armenia.



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