PHR: 60 people killed in protests against Sudanese president

Sudan's security forces have killed at least 60 people more than three months after protests calling for President Omar al-Bashir to step down, an international rights organization said.

"Physicians for Human Rights" Organization (PHR) said that Sudanese Security Forces attacked at least seven medical facilities, arrested at least 136 health workers, fired teargas and other weapons at hospital wings and denied patients access to medical care, according to Associated Press.

Sudanese security forces fired tear gas at protesters on Thursday in Khartoum even after President Omar al-Bashir confirmed that protesters' demands were "legitimate," AFP reported.

The New York-based international organization called the attacks on doctors and medical facilities "a gross violation of human rights."

Sudan is witnessing almost daily demonstrations against a backdrop of a suffocating economic crisis. The protests began on December 19 after the government decided to raise the price of bread three times before it escalated and spread all over the country.




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