People’s Defense Forces announce killing 7 Turkish soldiers in Haftanin, Gever

The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) announced the killing of seven Turkish occupation army soldiers and the destruction of a military vehicle during operations carried out by its forces in Haftanin and Gever regions of southern and northern Kurdistan.

This came in a statement published by the media center of the People’s Defense Forces, today (6 July), in which it was clarified that the Guerrilla fighters and fighters of the Free Woman Units YJA-Star are continuing their military operations against the Turkish occupation army in the context of the "Haftanin battle", and in this context "our fighters launched yesterday, at 14:20, on Sunday, an attack on Turkish military units in the vicinity of Kordenah Hill resulted in the death of a Turkish soldier.

In the evening hours of the same day, our forces targeted a gathering of Turkish occupation soldiers on the Kordenah Hill, with sniper operations that killed two Israeli soldiers.

The statement pointed out that, in the context of the campaign of the martyr Baker and the revolutionary martyr Ronya, the Guerrilla fighters launched yesterday, on Sunday, at 07:00, an attack on a Turkish military convoy on the road linking the villages of "Bakin" and "Sri Shakfta" in the countryside of Gever district in Colemerg region, adding, "Our fighters were able to deal painful strikes to the enemy army, where a military vehicle was destroyed and 4 Turkish soldiers were killed."

The statement of the People’s Defense Forces stated that a fighter in the ranks of the Guerrilla, whose name was "Roj", was captured by the Turkish occupation army "after he was injured in the clashes that erupted on the 8th of last June in the vicinity of Salobia region of Judy .. The statement indicated that" details of those clashes were mentioned in a statement published on June 26. "

Source: ANF

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