People wonder: Is KRG supporter of occupation or resistance?

People of Qamishlo explained that the Turkish occupation's attacks, target the Kurdistan Defense Forces line represented by the People Defense Forces, indicating that while the Başur of Kurdistan Regional Government must show a strict stance towards the attacks, it legitimizes them.

Since June 16, the Turkish occupation army has been launching violent attacks on the areas of Başur of Kurdistan, especially the populated areas, where dozens of civilians have lost their lives, but the KRG has not shown any position regarding these attacks. On the contrary, it legitimizes these attacks through its statements and officials, at a time when the Iraqi government expressed its dissatisfaction and demanded it to stop its attacks on Başur of Kurdistan.

People of Qamishlo stressed the need for the KRG to show a firm stance towards the Turkish attacks that target the will and existence of the Kurdish people.

Milad Daly, member of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Committee, explained that the KRG's failure towards the attacks on the areas of the legitimate right to defense is evidence of its approval.

Dali indicated that the Turkish occupation try to break the Kurdistan’s defense line represented by the People Defense Forces. "

Daly asked why the Kurdistan Regional Government was silent at a time when the Iraqi government was resentful, and said: "We hope that the Kurdistan Regional Government will show a clear position on these attacks.

 Muhyaddin Hassan, member of the Martyrs' Families Council in the Al-Jazira region, and the father of the martyr Jan Wilat, who was martyred in Shengal in 2016 by ISIS mercenaries, denounced the Turkish attacks on Başur.

Is the KRG a supporter of the occupation or resistance?

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the failure of the Başur government to express any position or statement towards the Turkish attacks, while the Iraqi government expressed its position through statements and statements.

 He asked, "Why does the Kurdistan Regional Government not express any clear position towards these attacks, at a time when it must determine its position but remain silent, is it a supporter of the Turkish occupation or the Kurdish resistance? "

He demanded the people to unify their position and strive to achieve unity to deter Turkish attacks.

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