People: International powers do not care about our interests, only our choice is resistance

Tirbespiyê district's people have explained that the international forces are not interested in the interests of the peoples of the region, and that the popular resistance is the only option to defeat the Turkish attacks and liberate the areas it occupied.

 The people of the region believe that the international powers are not interested in the interests of the people of the region, but entered Syria for their own interests.

Khaled Ibrahim, from Tirbespiyê, explained that the countries intervening in the crisis are only interested in their interests and stand silent in front of the Turkish occupation of NE, Syria.

Khaled Ibrahim stressed the support of their military forces in the region and that they are the only forces that defend all components.

Citizen Khaled Arab explained that the SDF is the only national force on Syrian territory, which has fought terrorism, stressed the need to escalate the struggle in all fields, especially the protection and the military system.

HPC must be strengthened

Khaled Arab stressed the need to redouble the work and support the SDF and strengthen the Society Protection Forces HPC at this time. And not to rely on any external forces, because all the conflicting external forces in Syria have interests. He appealed to all forces and organizations in NE, Syria to unite their ranks more than before.

Siraj Mohammed pointed out that only the Syrian people are paying the bill for the Syrian crisis. He said: "No external force within Syrian territory has stood with the requirements and rights of the components, as they benefit from the crisis of the Syrian crisis."

Azad Amin explained that national unity is the only option to get rid of the Turkish occupation of the territory of NE, Syria, and said: "Popular resistance is the only option to get rid of the Turkish occupation."



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