"Partition wall consolidates occupation, separation of Afrin from Syria”

The administrators and members of the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa pointed out that the goal of the Turkish occupation of building the partition wall is to consolidate the policy of occupation and restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire, and stressed that they will continue to fight until the occupation is defeated.

The Turkish occupation state continues to build the partition wall in Afrin, with the aim of separating it from the Syrian territory and dividing the region. In this regard, the administrators of the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa pointed out that the Turkish occupation state aims to make Afrin like Iskenderun.

Zulikha Aabdi an administrator of the Women's Administration said, "Afrin is an integral part of the Syrian territory, where all Arab, Kurd and Syriac components are housed. It was an incubator for all the people who fled from the Syrian cities, but this did not satisfy the Turkish occupation state," she said, where the most heinous practices of immorality are practiced ".

"We are confident that the Syrian Democratic Forces will be able to expel the Turkish occupation from the occupied city of Afrin, which was occupied amidst international silence and agreement between the countries that claim democracy," Zulikha said.

"We will support Syrian Democratic Forces, which have undertaken to liberate all Syrian territory from the occupiers, and we will continue to build our project, which is feared by the Turkish occupation," Zulikha said.

In turn, the official in the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa, Maryam Al-Abbou, pointed out that Turkey aims to separate Afrin from the Syrian territory by building the partition wall. "We will not accept the annexation and division of the Syrian lands, especially Afrin, which was an incubator for the displaced Syrians."

She added that the Turkish occupation state is afraid of the project of brotherhood of peoples and co-existence, so it is trying with all its might to foil this project. "We will support each other in completing the brotherhood project of the peoples."

 For her part, member of the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa Ghalia Al-Kajwan pointed out that the construction of the partition wall is a consolidation of the policy of occupation aimed at restoring the glories of the Ottoman Empire.

Al-Kajwan condemned international silence about the practices of the Turkish occupation aimed at the division of Syrian territory.



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