Parties' youth confirmed importance of uniting Kurdish rank

The youth of the Kurdish parties stressed the need for young people to struggle strongly in all fields and to increase coordination among all the Kurdish parties in the four parts of Kurdistan to reduce violations and attacks by the Turkish occupation against the Kurdish people.

The Kurdish youth in Rojava held their second conference on Sunday under the slogan "To End the Occupation and Liberate Kurdistan, the Kurdish Youth Must Rise Up", in the presence of 270 representatives of the youth of 17 parties of the Kurdish political parties in Rojava, and 4 Kurdish youth organizations.

On the sidelines of the second youth conference, Abdul Razzaq Harsan, a member of the Kurdistan Green Party, said: "The sacrifices made by the Kurdish people since the beginning of the revolution in Rojava enabled them to enter the international and foreign political equation." He pointed out that the sacrifices and gains made by the sons of Rojava did not satisfy Turkey because it did not want to see any Kurdish entity.

He added the Kurdish youth in 4 parts of Kurdistan are struggling in all fields and stressed the importance of the coordination among the Kurdish parties in all parts of Kurdistan to reduce the violations against the Kurdish people and the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation on Başûr.

The member in the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) stressed the importance to unify the ranks of the youth and said, " if the youth unit their ranks all the people will unite the ranks because the youth are the motor of the revolution and its strength.

Rojin Badini the member of the Youth of the Democratic Left party in Syria made clear that all the Kurdish revolutions did not fulfill their desired goals and added: we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, we must achieve great steps that serve the Kurdish people.

She noted that the Kurdish people History is full of the greats who called for the unity of the Kurdish rank and added  that we must realize and achieve the goals of these greats by achieving the unity of the Kurdish rank."  



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