On July 19, YPG commemorate martyrs, renew pledge to protect gains of revolution

On the occasion of the anniversary of the July 19 Revolution, the People's Protection Units (YPG) commemorated the sacrifices of the "martyrs who enlightened the way with their sacrifices, and renewed the pledge that "our forces will remain fully committed to their responsibilities and we will continue to protect the gains of our revolution.”

The Media Center of the People's Protection Units issued a statement to the public on the occasion of the revolution of July 19, which stated:

"19 July marks eighth anniversary of the revolution of, which inspired its principles from moral society and political struggle, organized itself in accordance with the principles of social balance in the context of the revolutions of the people and the social revolutions. Through 19 July revolution, it proved to the world that a democratic system and a free and dignified life can be achieved only in accordance with the principle of the unification of components and the method of the spring revolutions of the peoples through which democratic solutions can be conceived.

The principle of the brotherhood of peoples was the solid ground through which the society was able to protect itself and its gains, as well as to protect the whole of humanity from the threat of terrorism represented by Daesh. Today we are fighting hard to provide the world with a model of solution. Our forces have assumed their responsibilities according to the principle of legitimate defense, revolution, and made great strides in the service of humanity and the homeland.

Doubtlessly, these victories and achievements were the result of great sacrifices, where the best of the sons and daughters of this nation sacrificed their lives in the fields of struggle, assuming their historical responsibilities and the blood of tens of thousands of sons and daughters of Rojava making the voice of the revolution (July 19) heard to the world.

Therefore, the revolution left responsibility of our martyrs and the sacrifices on our shoulders, who have guided us through their sacrifices, will remain fully committed to our responsibilities. We will continue to protect the gains of our revolution and will be the surest guarantee of protecting our people to a free and dignified life.

We at the People's Protection Units (YPG) and on the eighth anniversary of the July 19 commemorate all our martyrs and pay tribute to their lives and renew their pledge to continue the struggle on their way. We congratulate our people on the eighth anniversary of the Revolution. We assure our people in Rojava and northeast Syria to continue to shoulder our responsibilities until reaching the final victory.


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