Occupation of N, E Syria means occupation of all Syrian territory

 The member of the General Council of the Syria Future Party in ad-Darbasiya, said that the Justice and Development Party and its President Erdogan are seeking to export their internal crises abroad. She noted that Turkey's goal is to occupy the entire Syrian territory.

The statements of the member of the General Council of Syria Future Party in ad-Darbasiya Samira Aziz came at an interview with Hawar News Agency to talk about the background and objectives of the Turkish threats against the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Turkey exports its internal crises to its borders

Samira said that the main objective behind the Turkish threats to occupy areas of northern and eastern Syria, "is to complete the crimes Turkey committed in the rest of the occupied areas like killing, destruction and theft of property of the people and change the demographics of the region."

"Erdogan and his party are suffering from internal crises, and we know very well that when leaders of countries suffer collapses in their country, they attempt to export these crises abroad, and this is what Erdogan is currently doing."

Occupation of N, E Syria means occupation of all Syrian territory

Samira pointed out that the areas of north and east of Syria are safe areas where all components are safe. "The regions of northern and eastern Syria are safe areas, all of which have managed these areas since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

"In fact, this attack will harm Syria in general and not only the northern Syrian region. The Turkish state through its threats against this region aims to occupy all of Syria, and every day we see the massacres and violations it has committed in Idlib, "she said.

It also pointed out that any attack by Turkey against northern and eastern areas of Syria will threaten the security and stability of the region, and warns of the outbreak of a new war will lead to killing and destruction and the displacement of the people.


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