Occupation, its mercenaries steal sumac season in occupied Afrin

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue since the occupation of Afrin by committing crimes and looting the property and livelihood of the occupied Afrin people, the last of which was the theft of the sumac season.

Special sources from the city of Afrin told our agency that the mercenaries of the so-called "Samarkand Brigade" of the Turkish occupation army stole the sumac season in several villages, including "Ramadano, Haj Qasmo, Rotah, and Gundi Mazn" affiliated to the city of Afrin, which belonged to the people of Afrin who were forcibly displaced from their homes.

Besides, sumac is spread in Afrin canton, especially in the areas of Bulbul, Shara, and Sherawa. The sumac season begins annually with July and continues until the beginning of August, as its cultivation provided many job opportunities for the workforce and provided income for their owners.


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