Ocalan's lawyers: No one has told us yet about meeting our client

Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamid Gul said the ban on lawyer's visit to their client, Ocalan has been lifted, and Ocalan's lawyers said the Justice Ministry should do its duty according to the statement.

The decision to bar lawyers from meeting with their client has been canceled and they are allowed to meet with him," Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamid Gul said.

Ibrahim Bilmiz, a lawyer for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, told our agency that the Justice Minister must do his job.

"The statement by the Minister of Justice is not new as the court decided to lift the ban on May 2, but regarding the visit and the meeting, we were not given any response," he said.

Ibrahim Bilmiz said that after May 2, they reviewed the request to meet with their client today but received no response. "The Minister of Justice must do his duty according to the statement he issued," he said.



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