"Ocalan said with knowledge, one could lead himself"

Ahmed Omar, who has met Abdullah Ocalan three times in the 1990s, said that Ocalan had a great personality, noting that he was aware of the developments taking place in the Syrian arena and Rojava now.

The citizen Ahmed Omar in his fifth decade from Rajo district in Afrin canton talked to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about his meeting with the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is detained in Imrali island prison, mentioning his characteristics.

Ahmed Omar has met Ocalan three times, the first in 1991 in a camp in Lebanon, the second in 1992 in Rekn al-Din neighborhood of the Syrian capital Damascus, and the third in the same year in the city of Aleppo.

Omar said about the Kurdish People's Leader, Abdullah Ocalan, when he received training in the camps in Lebanon, "The leader had a great personality, politically and militarily capable, as well as his public culture. He was aware of all the developments and events in the Syrian arena.

And he added, "The leader always noted that the people of Rojava sacrifice for the soil of their land and their love for the homeland, and their attachment to them will grant them the wise leadership."

Ahmed Omar said at the end of his speech, "The leader was confirming his words that everyone was eager for freedom with his courage, and the leader said to us that with knowledge, one could lead himself."



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