"Ocalan released us from tyrants and authoritarians"

The elders of al-Boghalib clan of al-Sharabin tribe said that the ideas of the internationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan have saved the northern and eastern regions of Syria from the oppressors, explaining that his last message is calling for the necessity of achieving human rights and democratic change in Syria is to preserve human dignity.


The sons of al-Boghalib clan located in the area of Tel Hamis noted that the region is living in security and stability thanks to the thought and philosophy of Ocalan, and thanks to the cohesion and solidarity of the region's people in all areas and in particular in dealing with mercenaries and rid the region of their oppression and injustice.

 "The region is living in a state of security and stability, all thanks to the directives of the leader Ocalan and his ideas aimed at achieving the peoples' fraternity," Abdul Karim al-Abdullah, one of the leaders of al-Boghalib clan of al-Sharabin tribe.

"the leader Ocalan called for the peoples' fraternity, we are now living more safely than all of Syria regions, we have reached a new stage and we have rid ourselves of wars, all thanks to the philosophy of the leader Ocalan," al-Abdullah noted.

"In all the books of Ocalan, which we read, we did not see him talking about Kurdish nationalism, he always talks about the peoples' fraternity," al-Abdullah added.

Abed al-Karim al-Abdullah thanked SDF, which followed the principles of the democratic nation, which liberated the entire geography of northern and eastern Syria from mercenaries, and praised the sacrifices made by the forces and said: "Thanks to the sacrifices made by SDF, we live in security, and stability."

Ocalan calls for the preservation of human dignity

Abdul Khaleq al-Abdullah, elder of al-Boghalib clan of al-Sharabin tribe, said: "Thanks to the philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan, justice and equality were consolidated in the north and east of Syria. The leader through his last letter called for the need to achieve human rights guarantees and democratic proposals in Syria calls for the preservation of human dignity."

Abdul Khaleq al-Abdullah said that the seeds of the democratic nation's philosophy have borne fruit in the region. He pointed out that all the people of the region unite and cooperate with each other in the spirit of communal life adding, "recent disasters in the region is evidence of that, where all the people united and helped each other."



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