Ocalan is leader of area's peoples, we to break isolation

The components confirm that the leader Ocalan is the leader of the peoples of the region and that the isolation imposed on him is contrary to all international values ​​and conventions, and the international silence is tantamount to giving Turkey a green light to continue its policies towards the leader Ocalan.

An intensive isolation has been being imposed on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan since 3 years, preventing his lawyers and his family from meeting him in order to obstacle the leader's guidance to the people of the region who are following his ideas and directions that aim at freeing the peoples from injustice and oppression.

The world and the areas of north and east of Syria decry on a daily basis this arbitrary action that is contrary to international values and laws. Sherin Shukri of Tirbespiyê district has denounced the intensive isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan. She pointed out that Turkey exercises the worst practices against the leader Ocalan and deprives him of the most basic rights such as meeting his parents and lawyers.

The leader's thought is practiced on the ground here

Shafiq al-Wahab of the Arab component and resides in Tirbespiyê district explained that the objectives of Turkey's strict isolation on the leader Ocalan have not been achieved because the leader's thought is practiced on the ground here.

Shafiq drew attention to the policies of the colonial countries, and pointed out that since ancient times, they aimed to create strife among the components and sects, but the thought of Ocalan was the salvation of those ideas and mentality. The leader Ocalan is the leader of the peoples of the region and not the leader of only one component."



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