North Syria's people suffer from Turkish camps

The people who are living in border villages in north Syria has been exposing in daily basis to bullets of the Turkish occupation, who are severely suffering from Turkey's largest camps, left behind dozens of killed and wounded from the villagers under false pretexts to protect of national security.

Most of the villages on the Turkish border in the northernmost canton of Kobani have become a large prison for its inhabitants.

Larger than the size of an entire village, these Turkish camps on the Syrian border include the latest weapons and radars, as well as guns and tanks overlooking small villages north of the canton.

In addition to the Turkish threats to occupy north and east of Syria, and the mobilization of military vehicles near the border, Turkish camps on the border have intensified the targeting of young and old villagers to prevent them from roaming the villages. The villages of Gharib, Karnaf, Alishar, Siftak and Yokuran have exposed on fire from the Turkish side during the past two weeks.

The child Maher Hassan who is at 17 years struggle with death since the 30th of the month of July due to last targeted by snipers from one of the Turkish occupation camps near the village Siftak west of the city of Kobani.

For his part, Kanyohar Shaheen, he is 29-year-old resident of the village of Qara Mox, was wounded, while he was working in his land in his shoulder by a bullet on July 24, reaching the number of victims who lost their lives and injured on the Turkish border 800 Syrian citizens, according to the "Documentation Center for violations in northern Syria."

The Human Rights Office of Al-Jazeera canton announced in April 2017 that 71 citizens were killed and injured as a result of violations by the Turkish occupation on the border between the province of Kobani and Turkey.

A sniper bullet fired from the Turkish side into the village of Tel Fender in Tel-Abyed district that resulted in the death of 6-year-old Sara Rifaat Mustafa in early November last year.

In addition, more than 20 villages north of the canton lost large areas of agricultural land along 60 kilometers through the construction of the Turkish occupation wall separation between Syria and Turkey since 2016 was estimated at 4,626 dunums, not only the Turkish state but prevented farmers from taking advantage of those lands Agricultural sector over three years and deliberately fired at anyone approaching the border.



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